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This is our Level Editor to build levels for the Saber Rider Game. It is possible to make changes in a level during the game plays. Because we don’t use a common engine like Unity, we had to code also the editor from scratch. When we started the Kickstarter, this was not planned because Dreamcast was not among the main goals at this time. The original plan was to use Unity for PC and 3DS. Unity has already most of the tools inside. Naturally there is no Unity for Dreamcast, so we had to come up with a different solution. We are using a Framework, which allows us to code the game just once and compile it for a broad varity of systems. This includes also Dreamcst (but not PC Engine). The drawback is that we need to make all required tools ourself and this cost extra time, unfortunatly. But hey! We are doing a 16-Bit style game and back in the 80′s and 90′s that was the same way. We are going all way! 😀

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