Saber Rider – Ramrod Edition 2 Disc LE – Dreamcast


Saber Rider and the Star Sheriffs – Ramrod Edition for Sega Dreamcast.
499 copies will ever be made!

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We got many requests from people around the world, asking if it’s still possible to support our project because they missed the Kickstarter or how to get a Dreamcast Limited Edition. Here is your chance! We came up with this awesome Limited Edition, just for you.

The proceeds from this Limited Edition will be used for the development of our game and helps us to make the game even better.

The Ramrod Edition comes in a high-quality Super Jewel Box and includes:

+ The game soundtrack on 2nd CD
+ Get a printed game manual + Spine Card
+ Get your own Starsheriffs Badge (EBU/EDM)
+ Get the printed Jesse Blue Wanted Poster
+ Your name in the Backer Credits in the game
+ You get beta access for the Dreamcast version
+ You get access to our closed project forum

This Edition will be limited to 499 copies.
399 copies will be offered here on our site.
Each copy has its own Serial Number printed on the cover.

This is a pre-order. Delivery is expected by the end of Q3 2017

Any support is greatly appreciated!