Saber Rider Demo

Here you can find our free demo version of Saber Rider and the Star Sheriffs.

The whole game is designed to feel like a classic 16-Bit cartridge
console game. The menu is very simple and straight forward.
There are no button explanations in the game.
Like back in the old days, you have to read the manual on this page or find out everything yourself.
You can navigate to and start the level very fast.

The demo version is available for Sega Dreamcast, Windows, MacOS and Linux.
Click the system you want to downlaod the demo for.


Please note that this is a one mission demo version.
There are still features missing or not complete.
Some animations like the saloon doors for example are not yet animated.
The second attack is still missing and there are no high scores yet.

This demo represents the first mission of the game and shows the Hero Mode.
The mission in the demo got some changes, so that the game story won’t be
spoiled. The first mission in general is based upon the two series episodes
“Wild Horses Couldn’t Drag Me Away” and “Little Pardner”.
In the final version, this level will have a few more story driven events and
a different end boss. The current boss in the demo will later be a mini boss.

In the demo, you can only play with the character Fireball.

PC (Win, MacOS, Linux):
We recommend to play the game with a proper Game Controller.
The game is also playable with the keyboard.

In the menu:
Arrow Keys: navigate
ESC: Quit game
W/A: confirm
S/D: confirm
Enter: Start

In the game:
Arrow Keys: move the character
ESC: Quit mission
Hold Q or E: aim
W/A: jump
S/D: shoot
Enter: Pause/Start

In the menu:
D-Pad: navigate
X/B: confirm
Y/A: confirm
Enter: Start

In the Game:
D-pad/Analogue Stick: move the character
Hold L or R: aim
X/B shoot
Y/A jump

In the options, you can adjust several things.
The PC (Win, MacOS, Linux) version has more settings than the DC version
– You can adjust the screen resolution.
– You can play the game in window mode
– You can use retro filter like scanlines
– The game can be played in widescreen or in classic 4:3
– You can watch the Baker Credits at any time
– You can use the Music Test